I don’t understand why people seek out being comfortable, but comfort actually comes to you. There’s no need to be hunting it down as it creeps into every routine you have in your home and work lives. This intrusion should be welcome right? Everyone wants to be comfortable, why not expand that comfort down to everything we do. The problem is that being comfortable is a secret killer of true happiness. When you’re comfortable, you are content with what you are doing, the same daily routine. So what if you would be happier doing songwriting instead of engineering or being in a new environment, you’re comfortable. You have lost a serious motivator to change the daily routine, which decreases the odds that you find your true happiness. Think about someone you know that has worked an awful job for years, more than likely they didn’t vision themselves there as a kid, but comfort crept in and kept their dreams from ever fruiting.

If you notice yourself growing comfortable, don’t let it take your dreams. Do new things, push your horizons, do things that intentionally make you uncomfortable. Public speaking, skydiving, volunteering, learning marketing, and starting a business are all great ideas to build skills. If doing these things is comfortable for you, then I’m sure you know how to push your comfort zone.

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