Being enrolled in a university comes with its pros and cons (a topic itself worthy of many other blog posts), but one thing that is underlooked is the power of the .edu email address. As I’m sure you know, you can get many tools and features at a discount (sometimes even for free) just by having one of these emails. Today I will look at some of the most useful student discounts for developers.


Spotify if you haven’t heard of it by now is a music streaming platform with the majority of today’s music available to stream to any device. Spotify has a powerful, ad-supported free version for computers and phones, but many features are locked to premium members and offers a student discount for $5 a month, half of the standard $10 a month. Spotify Student also includes Hulu at no additional cost. This is a bargain deal for students that need their streaming fix, not just for developers.

You can check this out over on their site.

Disclaimer: I have used the Student plan back when I was enrolled in college, but have since moved on to another plan.

Github Student Pack

Github is a great platform for storing source code and collaborating with other developers, and knowing how to use it is a necessity for any developer. Github provides open-source projects 100% free hosting and full use of all GitHub features. Projects on Github also can interface with tools such as Travis CI (automatic code testing) and Coveralls (code coverage calculator) among many others. The ability to have private projects requires a paid account, but pricing is very reasonable.

However, the Github Student Pack offers students the Github Personal Plan (normally $7) at no charge, which includes unlimited private projects. The Github Student Pack also includes up to $150 in Amazon Web Services credit, $50 in Digitalocean credit, free Travis CI on private projects, as well as other offers from Github partners. Definitely, something any student developer should take a look out.

JetBrains IDE Pack

JetBrains is the developer of many powerful IDE environments, including IntelliJ, ReSharper, PHPStorm, and PyCharm. These tools normally cost $249 a year, but this cost is waived for enrolled students. I use PHPStorm for debugging PHP development projects and it is definitely worth the $89/year. The other IDEs are very capable and well respected in the software development arena, and for students, this offer is a no-brainer. Check out more info on their student discount page.

Microsoft Imagine

Microsoft Imagine offers free access to Microsoft’s suite of server and business tools. Students that are approved in the program receive free access to tools like Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Windows Server 2016, Visual Studio Professional, as well as free credit to Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure. Tools to develop applications for the Xbox platform are also included in this program. Microsoft software is everywhere (to my dismay), and getting familiar with tools such as SQL Server will be a safe bet. I have used this program in the past under the Dreamspark brand, but it is nearly identical to the old branding.

AutoDesk Pack

AutoDesk is the maker of AutoCAD, Maya, and other 3D modeling software suites, and offers a 3-year license to their Ultimate plan for students, which offers the majority of their tools at no charge. This is a compelling offer for students wanting experience with 3D models or 3D animation.

Adobe Creative Cloud

I have placed this one last, not due to the software, but for Adobe’s misleading pricing and payment plans, especially for those looking at their monthly plan. Adobe’s monthly plans require a full year to be paid for, and canceling the service early may result in a large charge (1/2 the cost of the unpaid months). I only recommend going this route if you know Adobe’s software will be beneficial for you or if you already use the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Anyways, the Adobe Creative Cloud offers students a 60% discount on their All Apps package, including Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Flash, and all of Adobe’s other software. Graphic designers and video editors will find tremendous value in this plan.

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